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NT Beauty Marketing n°96

The extraordinary properties of a 100% Tuscan oil are contained for the first time in a full range of pampering treatments for face and body. Since ancient times, massage with olive oil were considered a real ‘bath of youth’. Today, cosmetic research has shown that the chemical composition of the oil that makes it more similar to the lipid layer of the skin as it has an excellent ratio between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, essential to provide energy in the process of renewal of different tissues, neutralizing the formation of free radicals. The oil is among the best known and appreciated Italian products in the world and is also a Tuscan product par excellence that points to a strong link with the territory. A strong bond that characterizes all the activity and the production of Herbarium Toscano. A choice of excellence that has brought the brand, present in the world of spas and wellness centers, to launch at Cosmoprof 2013, the newest line Elisir d’Olivo, completely revolutionized regarding formulations and packaging.

At the base of the whole line is the complex Olea-Tech, the result of cosmetic research that led to the creation of this line of products. The complex Olea-Tech uses all parts of the Olive, the extract of the leaves, the extract of the peel and, above all, organic extra virgin olive oil, certified by the consortium Tuscan, so it is a product PGI protected. Olio Toscano PGI also means quality, certified by the Community Protected Geographical Indication and by a strict production regulations. The line Elisir d’Olivo comes in two lines: one dedicated to the care of the face and the body. Each reference combines the action of the complex Olea-Tech with another active ingredient specific to the action that you want. The face line, introduced in important Spa provides a protocol for use in the cabin treatments of skin regeneration, which offer a brightness depends heavily on the sheen of the olive. The Anti-aging Cream by Sublime rich and creamy texture, for example, owes its effectiveness to an active penta-peptide, Hyaluronic acid and the associated properties of Oliva promotes the natural healing process of the skin, protects and preserves the oxygenates the tissues and collagen for skin tone and luminosity. Lift Serum is a concentrated serum that restores elasticity, tone and firmness of the skin. Contains, in addition to the complex Olea-Tech, Italian walnut extract, rich in polyphenols, which causes an immediate tightening effect. The line also includes face mask, eye contour and specific references for cleaning and cleansing. For the body line Elisir d’Olivo includes not only soap and shower but also moisturizing emulsion, dry oil, hand cream, foot care cream and two specific references to hair. All products in the line Elisir d’Olivo also do not contain parabens, dyes, silicones, mineral and are tested for nickel.

Herbarium Toscano is a brand known worldwide by fans of the quality and naturalness, typical of the Tuscan tradition. For this, the company offers a full range of hospitality products for the segment of the hotel industry and Spa is to make your stay both pleasant and exclusive to buy as a gift or souvenir. Several market surveys have revealed how important it is to offer its customers an emotional experience unforgettable. With this in mind, the products Herbarium Toscano, are the ideal choice to revive scents, colors, sensations typical of the Tuscan territory, allowing you to navigate the numerous fragrances available. The company offers a wide range of natural products, not tested on animals, encased in elegant gift boxes, made from materials that are environmentally friendly.

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